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Spa Replacement Cover

Spa Replacement Cover

Does your hot tub need a replacement cover? Southampton Hot Tub can custom-order one specifically for your hot tub.

Our standard cover is ordered with a 5-3 taper for winter insulation, 2# foam density for strength against snow, a full steam stopper pillow to prevent heat loss through the fold, 4 straps and handles for convenience and security, and a 4-millimeter vapor barrier wrap to prevent water logging.

Even if you have a spa brand that we don’t carry, we can still order you a replacement lid. We can order covers for all makes and brands including Bullfrog Spas, Caldera, HotSprings, Artesian, American Whirlpool, Vita, Viking, Jacuzzi, Master Spas, Nordic, Marquis, and more.

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Our spa covers are simply the best. We can order a cover for your spa in any size, shape, or color. Payment will be requested upon order received.

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